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NPOC0001A - Version

The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court's Proof of Coverage Look-Up System can provide insurance coverage information on employers. An employer who has obtained a workers' compensation policy may be identified through this system. The information provided is a representative reflection of Court data on employers who have a workers' compensation policy through a commercial insurance company, employers who are self-insured, or employers who have coverage through an intergovernmental risk management pool.

If a search results in “NO RECORDS FOUND” it does not necessarily mean that the employer does not have insurance coverage.

You may need to search again using different search criteria.  The "Help" function provides assistance for refining your search

The information obtained through this site is not a certification of coverage, nor is it definitive verification that coverage is not in place.


To access the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court's online proof of coverage
 look-up system, please  click the "Enter Proof of Coverage-Look Up System" button.